Welcome to the CHCPH Groupbuy! The next batch will be postponed until further notice, due to price adjustments from a supplier and a freight forwarder. Please check back at the end of the month.

Welcome to the CHCPH Groupbuy!

How does this work?

We will collect all groupbuy orders and then purchase from the respective websites and suppliers overseas. Groupbuy participants will be given a deadline to settle their bills before the checkout date so they will be included in the batch.


Pricing of items cover the cost of the product, USD conversion banking rates, US taxes, US local, and international shipping. There is an included Item and Air Freight Breakdown table per product listing for full transparency of costs. Local PH shipping rates are billed separately.


For any clarifications, item requests, and concerns, you can reach us via email or Facebook.

Groupbuy haul from December 2020

*canon booms*
Ah. The money burning activity has begun. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Rishey M

hello mga baccla lam na.

Cyan S

Ready na ma budol.

Cheska C